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Stained Glass Guild has established an excellent reputation over five years in providing superior stained glass services at very reasonable prices. We take pride in the excellent references received from our customers and always ensure that the customer's experience is of the highest level. Based in Kingston Upon Thames, we provide top quality stained glass renovation, restoration and bespoke design services across London with the view to add charm, value and character to any interior. Whether you wish to recreate a design from an existing panel or commission a new, beautifully hand-made stained glass window that will be regularly admired by your visitors, we can offer you professional advice to guide you through this process with patience and empathy. Przemek Dubis - the skilled craftsman, founder of Stained Glass Guild and a graduate of Krakow School of Stained Glass has been described by our clients as a ''true artisan of the highest standard'' - and we believe that no other words can better reflect the quality of the work we do.